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Storytelling Sound & Music
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Internal projects are an important part of life at Mighty Giant. It’s a chance for us to try out new techniques, and push ourselves in new directions. We are designers, therefore our work is defined by a brief. Sometimes there is value in creating our own brief directed at challenges that we want to overcome.

A Sonic Journey Through Animation: Sound Design for Mighty Giant

Sound design plays a pivotal role in transporting viewers into the vibrant and ever-changing animated worlds created by Mighty Giant. In this project, the sound design team aimed to create a truly immersive experience by incorporating the composed music track in a unique way.

A World Through Headphones:
  • Diegetic Music: The creative concept involved presenting the music as if it were emanating from the protagonist's headphones, existing diegetically within the animated world itself. This approach enhances the audience's sense of observation and connection to the protagonist's journey.
  • A Bold Choice: While the music might lose some of its fidelity due to the "tinny" quality associated with hearing headphones from a distance, this deliberate choice ultimately adds a layer of realism and intimacy to the overall soundscape.

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