Storytelling Sound & Music
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Storytelling Sound & Music
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Seven films showcase various power tools, designed for demanding applications by Erbauer. Each film had a core theme: Brand film, Cool Tech, Battery Range, Drill, Cord V Cordless, Brushless range and more. 

Supercharged Sound Design: Building Cinematic Impact

The sound design process for these films takes a bold and layered approach, perfectly complementing the stylised visuals. Building a rich and impactful sonic design involved:

  • Custom Recordings: A multitude of custom source recordings were captured, ensuring the unique sonic qualities of each tool in each scene.
  • Contact Mic Techniques: Special contact microphone recordings were utilised to capture the physical vibrations of power tools in action. This added a layer of realism and depth to the sound of drilling into wood and masonry, that traditional microphone recordings lacked.
  • Layering and processing: These custom recordings were then layered with additional sound library elements and further processed to bring out and build impact.
  • Slow-Motion Drama: Pitch automation techniques were employed to create dramatic slow-motion time sequences, where sounds are stretched out and pitched down in time for added impact.
  • Music Integration: The provided music track stems were carefully edited and mixed to perfectly complement the film's duration and pacing.
  • Dynamic Music Integration: Dynamic EQ was used to ensure the sound effects (SFX) retain their low-end power. This essentially means low frequencies in the music are subtly reduced when necessary, allowing the low end of the SFX to take center stage during key moments, avoiding frequency clashing and build up.

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