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Storytelling Sound & Music
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The Kraken

Sound Design, Music, Audio Post, Mix 
Back again for another studio collaboration with the Leeds based Northforge. A cinematic and moody piece featuring their favourite rum, named for a legendary sea monster. Known for it’s deadly tentacles, razor sharp teeth and insatiable appetite, the Kraken was rumored to have attacked a ship in the Caribbean Islands carrying spiced rum. 

Strong, rich and smooth, the black color takes its hue from the mysterious ink with which, as legend has it, the Kraken covered its prey.

Bringing the Kraken to Life: A Soundscape of Monstrous Power

Crafting the Creature:
  • Tentacle Symphony: A unique sound for the Kraken's tentacles was achieved by combining one-shot recordings of slime and vegetables being squashed, processed through a program called Sound Particles to create complex and extended textures. Shaking a deflated inflatable ball surprisingly yielded sounds reminiscent of wet, fleshy movements, which were further transformed through audio processing to create subtle vocalisations for the monster. Subwoofer bass impacts were included to add depth and richness to the overall sound.
  • Liquid Depths: The sounds of liquid sloshing within the bottle were crafted using specialised reverberation effects, creating a realistic sense of the confined space. Subtle tinkling sounds were added to represent the tentacles brushing against the glass.
A Cohesive Soundscape:
  • The audio routing was configured to ensure the low-frequency sounds from the sound effects took priority over similar frequencies in the music. This prevents them from clashing and allows for a cleaner and more impactful mix.

Setting the Scene:
  • From Calm to Chaos: The scene opens with reversed orchestral instrument sounds, creating a sense of mystery and anticipation. This peaceful introduction is then shattered by the aggressive growls of a bass lead, representing the emergence of the Kraken's tentacles (created using the Soma Lyra 8 synthesizer). The bassline is strategically EQ-filtered to introduce moments of pause and tension, mimicking the ebb and flow of the ocean.
  • A Rousing Climax: A pounding rhythmic beat anchors the scene as the Kraken propels the bottle out of the sea. Another distorted sound, generated by the Lyra 8 synthesizer, rises in pitch, punctuating the action before fading as the Kraken dives back into the depths.

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