Storytelling Sound & Music
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Storytelling Sound & Music
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Talk Talk - Future Fibre

Mighty Giant
Sound Design, Audio Post, Mix 
Broadband provider Talk Talk needed a campaign to help explain their new Future Broadband product. The new broadband speeds are achieved by delivering broadband through light beams via fibre cable direct into the home; it was this vision that The & Partnership asked Mighty Giant to bring to life producing seven CGI animations.

The main bulk of the sound design work focused on creating the right light beam shooting sound, as this was a key element.

This was created using four main layers, an optical light beam, a data beam (representing the fibre lines and communication), air movement whooshing/ ambience and electrical bolt sounds (representing energy flow via faux power) made up of around seventeen tracks.

Eleven separate designs were created for the client to choose from using software and hardware synths as well as samplers and granular processing. Once the animations developed further, more detailed sounds were added like pulsing electrics, buzzes, data beams and soft operational hums, as the beam stays on the product in shot but didn't want to distract from the voice after the initial beam strike.

The mix used room reverb(s) to make everything sound spatially realistic in each house room. Low-level ambiences of quiet rooms were recorded to increase realism. Volume level, EQ filter cutoff and panning automation were used to create the correct sense of distance of the sounds from the camera position and any movement. To finish the SFX off, minimal UI sounds were added that complemented the future hi-tech technology.

The final mixes favoured the voice-over having prominence with it being an explainer type animation. Some pick-up lines were added in later and these needed EQ matching for tonal consistency from different recording sessions. A music track was provided creating a calm emotional feel for the voice to communicate on top of.

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