Storytelling Sound & Music
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Storytelling Sound & Music
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South Africa

Sound Design, Audio Post, Mix 
Discover the history of South Africa through an incredible 100,000 years of art.

South African Art: A 100,000-Year Journey
This immersive experience transports audiences on a captivating journey through 100,000 years of South African art history. The soundscape plays a vital role in drawing viewers into the vast spaces depicted in the scenes.

Layered Soundscapes for a Rich Experience:
  • Ambience & Foley: A rich tapestry of ambient sounds and crafted foley elements creates a sense of presence within the diverse historical settings.
  • Modern Electronic Accents: Dub delays and sub drops are strategically employed to heighten excitement during specific moments in the experience.
  • Evolving Music Score: A compelling musical edit was created by combining two provided music tracks. This foundation was further enriched with original musical elements specifically crafted for the project. A captivating musical hook, featuring the Fula flute, Ngoni, Balafon, and additional percussion, was designed for repetition throughout the experience. This thematic hook is layered strategically to enhance sections requiring heightened interest.

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