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Storytelling Sound & Music
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Season 2 Range

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Functional and stylish, Site workwear encompasses a range of clothing types to cater for every need. Manufactured using top-quality materials to ensure long lasting protection against day to day wear and tear. Site workwear is exclusive to Screwfix and therefore devised with tradespeople in mind, so durability, comfort and practicality are at the forefront of every design. 

Bringing the Workwear to Life: A Soundscape for Durability
  • Building the World: The sound design crafts a variety of realistic environments, both internal and external, for the film. Vehicles, machinery, tools, clothing movement, and general construction ambiences all contribute to a rich soundscape in post-production.
  • Durability in Focus: For scenes highlighting the sturdiness of the Site clothing range, the sound design takes on a deeper, more cinematic feel.
    • SFX Storytelling: Sound effects play a crucial role in amplifying the stylised slow-motion sequences. Imagine a transition from a muddy puddle splash to clean, deep underwater bubbles!
    • Pleasing Textures: The soundscape is further enriched with satisfying sonic textures like rock crumbling and crunching dirt impacts.

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