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People, Places, Podcasts

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People, Places, Podcasts is a new podcast series, curated and commissioned by Boundless Theatre available to stream this summer. The episodes bring together artists, entrepreneurs and young people to hold conversations about their local area, what it means to them, and why their art is inspired by our coastline. Listen in whilst our artists and young business owners take a stroll around our town, highlighting areas of significance to them and taking in the sights and sounds of sunny Scarborough.

Through the 4 episodes we will discover small local businesses founded and run by young people. Uncover the creative opportunities on offer, learn about the queer history of Scarborough and reveal the power in being a young creative with a vision. The conversations have been recorded and turned into podcast episodes that you can download from The Box and online. Take a map, and stroll with us from The Box to the hidden gems nestled within Scarborough town, listen to an episode and discover your creativity and explore.

About The Box
In Scarborough from 22nd June to Mid-August, The Box is an open space for local artists, creatives and communities. With a local art fair, free exhibitions and creative opportunities, The Box is at the seaside for a summer of fun!

The Box is created by Boundless Theatre, championing creative work for and by young people across the UK. Our vision is for a world where all young adults harness their creativity to lead culture. We’ve built The Box to re-think our public creative spaces. Designed by a group of 15 – 25 year olds, developed with architects U-Build, The Box is created by young people for everyone.

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