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Michelin Labs Product Films

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How do we talk about Michelin tyres in Kwik-Fit dealerships across the UK in an engaging way? By creating Alpha (left below) & Beta (right below), two wacky tyre-testing robots, to do it for us of course! CGI created entirely by the in-house production team Sting Films for TBWA MCR, this series of CGI short films brings the world of Michelin to life in a humorous, engaging way…

Bringing Robots to Life: Sound Design for Michelin

These engaging CGI animations, featuring the wacky tire-testing robots Alpha and Beta, showcase the innovative world of Michelin tires. Sound design plays a critical role in bringing these characters to life and amplifying the humor of the films.

A World of Mechanical Mayhem:
  • Robots with Personality: The sound design goes beyond generic robot sound effects. Alpha's voice is created through the creative manipulation of a sound effects app, allowing for a wide range of expressive sounds that reflect his emotions. Beta's voice, crafted from processed voice recordings and manipulated with effects like granular pitch shifting, creates a distinct, youthful personality.
  • A Soundscape in Motion: The animations are rich with detailed sound effects, creating a lively and immersive soundscape within the vast factory warehouse setting. These sounds bring the world of the robots to life, from the whirring of machinery to the squeaking of tires.
  • SFX Takes Center Stage: The sound effects play a leading role in the overall audio experience. While music is present, the detailed crafted sound design ensures the robots and their actions remain the primary focus, keeping the tone humorous and engaging.

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