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Storytelling Sound & Music
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The Gift Of Hope

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Emily's freedoms were taken from her through false promises of hope that transpired into unimaginable pain. Emily is a survivor of human trafficking. There are over 40 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. This includes forced labor, forced marriage, sexual exploitation, and domestic servitude. Of all victims, 1 in 4 are children.

Victims of human trafficking are subject to physical, mental, and emotional abuse. Victims lose their freedoms but also lose their family, time, home, and hope. These feelings are hard to reconcile with, and survivors endure a life-long process of recovery. But the story does not end there: together, WE can help. At Hope for Justice, we believe in a holistic approach to ending human trafficking, and work to ensure that our support empowers, uplifts, and brings hope back to survivors.

A Soundscape of Trauma and Hope

This powerful animated short film tackles a sensitive topic, and the sound design plays a crucial role in guiding the viewer through the emotional journey of the protagonist, a toy.

From Chilling Innocence to Dark Descent:
  • A Disarming Melody: The animation opens with a deceptively cheerful melody reminiscent of a nursery rhyme, hinting at the Christmas season (the film's launch time). However, as the story unfolds, darker elements begin to creep in, foreshadowing the protagonist's internal struggle.
  • A Soundscape of Fear: The atmosphere takes a sharp turn as the toy grapples with a loss of trust and faces a series of menacing situations. The sound design utilizes atmospheric sounds transformed into Shepard tones, creating an unsettling feeling of endless descent into darkness.
  • Sharpening the Impact: Sharper, distorted sounds and dramatic percussion punctuate the emotional blows inflicted upon the protagonist. A building rhythmic drum loop and a rising pulsing synth further elevate the tension, culminating in a sense of overwhelming despair.
A Light in the Darkness:
  • Shifting Tides: The middle-end section marks a turning point, introducing sounds that evoke hope and light. Reversed piano and string sounds symbolise time passing and the healing process as the toy receives help and support.
  • A Touch of Familiarity: Sounds from the opening scene are subtly reintroduced in the final moments, bookending the narrative and offering a renewed sense of hope. The closing scene reveals the toy to be a person, and the sound design emphasises the message that they are not alone.

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