Greggs Man

Sound Design, Music, Audio Post, Mix 
François Willème does love a sausage roll! Studio collaboration with the Leeds based Northforge. 

Having meant to have met with Daniel and the Northforge team during an agency networking day, unfortunately I fell ill. On the upside, a month later I got the opportunity to work on this high-end motion graphics short, with an amusing twist. The visuals were created with Houdini and Reaper on audio duties.  

Since the ending is unexpected, the audio direction is dark, broody, building tension. As the ambience lifts, the sound reaches an epic crescendo until the pay off; the contrast of a plastic carrier bag smashing the grandiose statue. 

Sound Design, Music & Audio Post by the coast, North Yorkshire ︎    ︎  ︎︎ ︎ ︎