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Flyfishing with Big Zuu

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END. and @adidasoriginals have come together to deliver a collection inspired by the world of fly fishing. We sent @itsbigzuu to learn all about it with someone who knows best, @marinagibsonfishing 🎣 To compliment the collection, we've partnered with @helinox, @masterpiece_japan and @tool_assist_super_fishing with accessories that are perfect for a day on the water.

Big Zuu Goes Fishing: A Sonic Adventure
Full Audio Experience: This project involved creating a comprehensive audio package for a short film featuring rapper Big Zuu learning the art of fly fishing with instructor Marina Gibson.

Grime Meets Nature: A bespoke music track was composed, blending grime/trap aesthetics with a touch of documentary feel. This unique soundscape complements the film's handheld camera style and Big Zuu's brand identity, while remaining respectful of the natural fishing environment.

Building the World: Since only dialogue was captured on set, all sound ambiences were meticulously crafted in post-production. This included realistic elements like wind, flowing rivers, birdsong, and general nature sounds, building a truly immersive soundscape.

A Splash of Realism: Adding subtle details like "fish out of water" splashes offscreen when Big Zuu nearly catches a fish further enhances the realism of the experience.

Music with a Twist: The music cleverly transitions from a non-diegetic background track to a diegetic element within the film's world. This happens when the music starts playing from speakers inside the wooden cabin, complete with realistic room reverb and speaker emulation, creating a seamless blend of sound and environment.

A Successful Collaboration: This project effectively combined the worlds of grime music and fly fishing through creative sound design, resulting in a unique and captivating film experience.

Sound Design, Music & Audio Post by the coast, North Yorkshire ︎ ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎