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Storytelling Sound & Music
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‘Everything Is Temporary’

Music, Audio Post, Mix 
A meditation on the rebirth of British fashion and cultural arts performed by dancer, artist and trans activist Sakeema Peng Crook.

Directed by DBLG for London Fashion Week this film explores the re-emergence of the creative arts as part of the cultural re-opening of London.

The film features a captivating performance from dancer and trans activist Sakeema Peng Crook, styled by fellow New Wave artist Betsy Johnson.  A statement piece supporting emerging talent from the UK inspired by finding freedom in nature and dreaming of a new future.
I was invited by DBLG to help craft a bespoke music track. To my delight, some of Sakeema’s influences and references for the music tone leaned on melancholy & euphoria. 

The music came about in a fluid and organic way, sampling some of my own ambient drone sounds to achieve a calm uplifting melody, from which the whole track grew and developed into three main sections. This was created before the main shoot so the music could be played on set and performed to.

Sakeema had some Instagram videos of her public event speaking, centered around meditation. These were selectively sampled to create a spoken word type narrative for the music. The rest of the track was completed using 2-step type swung drums and percussion, ambient recordings sidechained for extra rhythm and a warm analogue bass sound. An older piano sound adds a slightly haunting element and a lead 80’s sounding synth lead provides a strong melodic hook. 

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