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Epic Iran

Fgreat Studio  
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Exploring 5,000 years of art, design and culture, Epic Iran shines a light on one of the greatest historic civilisations, its journey into the 21st century and its monumental artistic achievements, which remain unknown to many.

Bringing History to Life: The Sounds of Epic Iran

The sound design for the Epic Iran animated short trailer plays a pivotal role in transporting viewers on a captivating journey through 5,000 years of Iranian art, design, and culture.

A Rhythmic Journey:
  • Tribal Heartbeat: A powerful core tribal drum rhythm serves as the driving force of the soundscape, mirroring the intensity of the depicted battles and historical events.

Authentic Voices of a Bygone Era:
  • Historical Soundscapes: The introduction incorporates a variety of horn instruments and sounds specific to the relevant historical period and geographical location of the Shahnameh epic. Authentic Eastern Persian vocals further enhance the immersive experience.

The Thrill of Battle:
  • Visceral Combat: The sounds of battle scenes were meticulously crafted to heighten realism and immerse viewers in the action. These sound effects complement the animation, bringing the epic tale of the Shahnameh to life.

A Legacy in Sound:
  • Animation Meets Epic Poetry: By combining stunning animation with a rich and culturally accurate soundscape, the trailer successfully conveys the enduring legacy of Iranian art and its monumental artistic achievements.

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