Culture Under Attack

Fgreat Studio
Sound Design, Audio Post, Mix 
What happens when culture is threatened, targeted or deliberately annihilated? This is the question visitors at IWM London will be invited to consider as the museum explores the impact of acts of war against what defines who we are – our culture.

The Culture Under Attack season (5 July 2019 – 5 January 2020) will comprise of three free exhibitions and a series of live

A heavily lead sound design project where the sound design is featured very much at the forefront of the mix. This creates an in your face, disruptive quality, providing a big impact that the creative director was looking for from the audio.

There were layers of subtle distortion for some scenes like the building tearing into particles to give these moments edge and attitude. Granular processing helped achieve smaller particle sounds. A fun project to work on.

Sound Design, Music & Audio Post by the coast, North Yorkshire ︎    ︎  ︎︎ ︎ ︎