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Storytelling Sound & Music
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“We want to give a new generation the freedom to try whisky their way, whilst providing the reassurance of a great quality, versatile liquid. The new bottle design reinforces our ‘Naked’ cask story, and our ‘Naked’ bottle itself is stripped back because we want to liberate the whisky and let the quality shine through. All packaging components are 100% recyclable, a key consideration for our consumers.” Elaine Miller at Naked Malt.

A Refreshing Soundscape for Naked Malt

This project involved crafting a compelling soundscape for the new Naked Malt brand film, replacing the previous Naked Grouse brand.

Collaborative Voiceover Recording:
  • Elevating the Performance: A unique aspect of this project was the opportunity to attend the voice-over recording session and provide real-time feedback. This collaborative approach ensured the voiceover captured the brand's essence.

Balancing Act:
  • Energetic Foundation: A highly energetic, percussive music track was chosen to serve as the foundation for the animatic video. Sound design elements were then crafted to seamlessly integrate with the music and voiceover.
  • Sonic Harmony: Creative use of the animation itself played a role in the sound design. For instance, when a curtain appears on screen, the audio mix reflects this movement by subtly dulling the music, making space for impactful sound effects to shine through.
  • Precision Mixing: The Wavesfactory Trackspacer plugin proved to be a valuable tool in dynamically carving out space in the low and low-mid frequencies of the music track, allowing the sound effects to take priority without sacrificing clarity.
  • Crystal Clear Voiceover: The final step involved carefully balancing the voiceover within the mix, ensuring it remains clear and crisp throughout the film.

Sound Design, Music & Audio Post by the coast, North Yorkshire ︎ ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎