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Become Unstoppable 

Mighty Giant
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Visit the University of Salford and become unstoppable.

Salford University Anthem: Unstoppable Energy

This high-octane electronic anthem, crafted for Salford University, embodies the institution's motto: "Become Unstoppable." The track started with a wider array of elements, but through feedback and revisions, it was refined into raw and powerful electronic focused compositions.

A Sonic Journey:
  • 30-Second Powerhouse: The original version delivers a full 30 seconds of pulsating energy, ideal for high-impact attention.
  • Adaptable Intensity: Shorter 12 and 6-second cut-down versions were created for situations requiring a more concise burst of energy.
  • Raw and Unrelenting: The stripped-back production style prioritizes raw, powerful percussion, drawing inspiration from the driving force of techno music.
  • Broadcast Ready: The mix adheres to both UK broadcast specifications and online distribution standards, ensuring quality across all platforms specifications.

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