Storytelling Sound & Music
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Storytelling Sound & Music
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Reeve Rixon
Sound Design, Music, Audio Post, Mix 

Made in the forgotten ghost towns of America, Reeve Rixon’s AiLONE is a 360° story of how A.I. left alone in a world without humans, becomes increasingly lonely.

Reeve worked with ASTRAL PROJEKT at Burning Man's central Man Base; Helping to create an AI-themed collection of 360° films by 30 artists from around the world, these were projection-mapped onto the Pavilion’s interior walls of the central Burning Man installation.

As a manifestation of the "I, Robot" theme, the 2018 Man Base experience offered an exploration of humankind’s decidedly mixed feelings about algorithmic intelligence, cybernetic augmentation, and the mystery of what it means to be human in an increasingly automated world.

Awarded medal for Contribution of Excellence by Burning Man.  
My role was to produce around 2 minutes of audio after being invited to collaborate with creative director Reeve Rixon. Timings were tight, I used the script, storyboard and various still images to get a head start creating the audio. The video was still in production so I sent works in progress until we settled on the final mix. This process was quite interesting in the sense I was having to imagine what some of the scenes would be like, not the normal way I’m used to working with a locked edit but it was refreshing.

Whilst I didn’t get the chance to experience the installation first hand, the 360° highlights recording of the film screened at the installation gives a great insight into the experience at Burning Man 2018. 

Sound Design, Music & Audio Post by the coast, North Yorkshire ︎ ︎  ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎